Lemongrass – Best way to get Healthy Life Naturally


These days’ people have become super conscious about their skin, hair and weight loss. The inclination of people towards chemical products is witnessing a downfall and people are turning their heads to grandmom’s secret recipes. With the drastic increase in the use of lemongrass, people have started growing lemongrass in their small balconies.

Lemongrass comes from the class of grasses, having 45 species in the family. The lemon grass plants are typically native to Asian regions, and India is considered as the most significant producer of lemongrass. The range of the Western Ghats in India, covering the borders of Arunachal Pradesh, lemongrass plants are found in abundance. These perennial grasses are located in the foothills of the Himalayan region taking into account some part of Bangladesh as well.

Hidden Benefits of the Lemongrass Oils.

  • Digestion: Lemongrass is equipped with some of the pure compounds that are known to kill harmful bad bacteria in the stomach. Along with that, they help in the regrowth of the colony in the stomach tract. Thus, this helps in the cure of digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence, bloating, etc. Hence, itis a great supplement to clear off the digestive tract problems.
  • Cleanses and detoxifies: A beautiful concoction of lemongrass in your regular black tea adds a twist of citrus flavor. Along with that, lemongrass tea for weight loss is said to detoxify and cleanse the body, if it is regularly consumed. The diuretic nature of lemongrass helps in flushing off toxins from bodies such as uric acid and bad cholesterol. The reason behind this is that it hikes up the urination frequency. Urinating often leads to the cleanup of the kidney and liver as well. Not only this, daily consumption of the lemongrass tea helps in the blood circulation as well.
  • Helpful in Cold and flu: Let the nostalgia hit you. Remember the older days when mom used to pass on a black tea with citrus flavor in case of cold and flu. Now you will get to know what it was. It was lemongrass tea, which is helpful in healing cold and flu. The reason behind this is that lemongrass carries antibacterial and antifungal properties, which is way too beneficial during flu. Secondly, it comprises Vitamin C as well, which is an essential vitamin in the boost up of the immunity levels of the body.
  • Weight loss: According to studies it was found that lemongrass tea for weight loss can be consumed. Lemongrass adds little calories in your overall intake in a day. The plant contains 5 calories plus 1 gram of carbohydrate. Lemongrass is highly recommended before the meals. This will help you to eat less because you will be full before that by the consumption of lemongrass tea. Lemongrass tea provides the essential components needed for a body and it has no side effects.
  • Healthy Skin: It has been observed that lemongrass helps in alleviating skin issues such as large pores and other fungal infections. This is because of lemongrass treasures antibacterial and antifungal properties, which helps in limiting microbial or organism growth on the skin. This protects the skin from various infections and other issues. All you need to do is heat some olive oil and lemongrass for five minutes and let it sit for some time so that it cools down. Once it is done, using a bud of cotton you can apply it on your face to calm down the issue of open pores and oily skin.

These days lemongrass oil is trending a lot because of its benefits. Let us unveil the benefits of lemongrass oil and the recipe to prepare this oil. This plant holds a citrus smell, which is utilized in a lot of detergents, soaps and even in perfumes.

Secondly, oil is used to shoo away a lot of repellants in the garden. Although this blend of lemongrass and oil is considered as an insect repellant, it somehow attracts the bees. Thus, it can be used in the swarm of bees, to extract honey from the beehive.

Thirdly, it is considered as a fantastic preservative.

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Often used in India, to hold the essence of old manuscripts to prevents them from getting old and dry. Once the oil is applied to the palm leaf manuscripts, it injects in natural fluidity. Hence, the pages are protected from moisture and text decay.

In a nutshell, lemongrass is known to pass on a lot of benefits and can be used in households, for food items, and for oil. Moving ahead on the road of natural remedies, lemongrass does the job amazingly well.

By Greenkosh