Growing Herb in Kitchen – Things Need to be Know

Grow Herbs in Your Kitchen

Grow Herbs in Your Kitchen

Herbs are one of the most flavor-packed greens one can buy. Whether your purpose behind buying them is to add that perfect cherry-on-top garnish, your intake of leafy greens, a pop of color on a monotone dish or for a spiritual flavor journey, you have invested quite a bit of money into accomplishing these goals. When you are at the supermarket deciding which herb to buy, you would probably look at that .99c price tag and say, “Oh wow what a steal.” However, when you do the math of how much you spend on a single herb throughout the year, it can rack up to a significant number. This is one of the biggest reasons that people invest a fraction of that significant number into an indoor herb garden. Here are a quick guide and ideas on how to create the best indoor herb garden.

Now there are many ways that you can dive into the creation of your herb garden, the most common way, however, is to create it where you will quickly see it and be able to use it. These guidelines often leave the kitchen as the only option. These are the things you need to think about when making your very own indoor kitchen herb garden.

Starting from the Basics

You need some primary products to start even the simplest of gardens, and these items are necessary for the survival of a plant:


It is vital to make sure that your plants get ample sunlight to carry out their regular life cycle.


This is also one of the more obvious things that plants need, but people often underestimate or overestimate how much water plants need. It is a good idea to research these situations before diving into this.


You need good quality fertile soil, so your plants can get the required nutrition from it.


There are very few cases where the soil that you bought for your plants is enough on its own for the steady growth of plants. Fertilizers are helpful in keeping them healthy and providing that extra nutrition.

Choosing your Herbs

Next step in creating your kitchen herb garden is to decide which herbs you want to plant. It is a great idea to research all of the requirements of an herb before you plant it. For example, some plants do not even need soil. They need water to grow, and they can end up dying because of the constraints of the soil.

Creating your Herb Garden

Next, is the step we all like and one of the main reasons that people think about having an herb garden in their house which is creating your herb garden.

  • Layout

    The first step in this process is to design or think of a plain that you want or can accommodate in your kitchen. For this particular step, we suggest getting herb garden layout ideas from your friends or the internet. There are many tips/tricks or word-of-mouth advice you can get by doing this. Another way to get great herb garden layout ideas is from home decoration or lifestyle magazines that regularly release articles on these topics.

  • Shopping Planning

    Once you know what you want, or you feel that you have investigated every indoor herb garden ideas page there has ever been published, it is time to go and buy the supplies you know you will need. A way to save time while shopping would be making a list beforehand of everything you will need and how many of each thing you will need. It is also a good idea to measure the space you want to convert into your very own herb garden.

  • Choosing a store

    While you can get garden supplies at almost all supermarkets and hardware stores, a money saving tip would be to look at different stores that sell the same item you want. A realm that people often forget in this step is the online realm of shopping. Thousands and thousands of websites sell millions of things every day. Checking out these stores is a necessity in this day and age.

    Online stores also tend to have more discounts for consumers rather than your local shopping market. If you need to get soil, tools, planting pots, watering cans, etc. it is best to use either your local supermarket or your favorite online store. However, if you need to buy items such as decorating labels, markers, hooks, mason jars, tape, paint, tags, wires, cups, decorative pebbles, etc. it is ideal to hit a dollar store or everything for a dollar type website. These stores can save you a lot of money and end up allowing you to get more than one of something that you usually could not.

  • Types of pots

    If you did your research by this time you know that a lot of these layout ideas have some traditional pots and some not so traditional ones. A lot of things can be used as pots, but sometimes people prefer traditional items. If you want to go with a quirky vibe to your kitchen herb garden, you can use:

    • Mason Jars
    • Teacups
    • Bottles
    • Bowls
    • Tin Cans
    • Lunch Boxes
    • Buckets

If you do prefer traditional pots, then there are ways to take them to the next level by:

  • Buying Hanging Planters
  • Decorating the brown plastic or clay pots with paints and labels
  • Adding some fairy lights for a fresh aesthetic look
  • Adding shiny or glittery pebbles in the soil
  • Combining fairies or butterfly figurines to create a scenic site
  • Buying colorful pots and saucers
  • Decorating them on your windowsill or your balcony
  • Choose places other than the traditional places like tabletops, bare walls, etc.

While this was just a quick overview of how to do things, each step can be further broken down to obtain more information. All in all, creating your herb is quite easy and saves a lot of money in the long run. Start planning your own now.

By Greenkosh