Best Plants for Vertical Garden

Plants for Vertical Garden

Plants for Vertical Garden

Having a garden in your house upholds the status, look as well as the feel of your home. A garden can be of any type and can be built in any given location. In this fast world and overgrowing population, you hardly get a space to make a garden unless you cash a lot of bucks. Nevertheless, we have provided a perfect solution to fulfill your love for the garden, but at the same time, you do not need to spend extra money to get a location. The idea is a simple Vertical Garden.

You might have come across this term, or you must have seen it in some places where grasses and other planets are grown on a vertical wall. The idea of planting is same as that of planting trees on a horizontal surface with the only difference is that it is a vertical surface. It is not that stuff to do so, and moreover, there are plants which are ideal for vertical gardening. Here we are going to show and discuss some of the best plants for Vertical Garden that can be used in making your dream vertical garden.

What exactly is Vertical Garden?

Before we go directly into what plants will be ideal for your vertical garden, let’s talk about the location and best place for a vertical garden. In reality, there is no right place. All you need is a wall which is completely clean to create your indoor vertical garden. If you want to make a vertical garden on the wall outside your house, you can also do so. Sometimes, you might be a bit hesitant to convert your wall to a vertical green wall. So, if you are not sure about making this directly on your wall, you can set up a mesh to plant the plants here.

The main idea of this vertical garden is straightforward; you need a vertical structure, be it a wall or anything else. But it does not end there. Not all plants can be planted on a vertical surface. You need to go for the specific types of plants to plant, as a standard plant might not survive in these circumstances.

Below we have listed some of the best plants for Vertical Garden that you can use to make your ideal indoor vertical garden. Check them out, and you can go for them as per your choice and requirements.

  • Philodendron: One of the famous ornamental plant that you can grow in your vertical garden. These plants shoot aerial roots and grabs onto anything they can get hold on to. All though, these plants look great and you not even have to provide a lot of care as they spread on their own easily. But, for reasons you have to keep an eye to see they do not spread out more than what is needed.
  • Sword Ferns: Ferns are always easy to plant for vertical gardens; one such fern is the Sword fern. Sword ferns are one of the easy to plant ferns as they do not require much care. These tropical plants, however, prefer wetter conditions. So, if you are going to use them in your indoor vertical garden, it is advisable to shift them to place where it can get water in a better way.
  • Wedding Vine: Another good plant for your vertical green wall is the Stephanotis floribunda, also called the Wedding Vine, due to its extensive use in almost every wedding. The feature which makes these quite accessible to be used is it does not require nearly any care, and moreover, it is suitable for both wet as well as dry conditions. These plants grow to about 20 feet, so you do not have to worry about being spreading to another wall too much.
  • Limelight bower wattle (Hoya Carnosa): This is dense, compact with borderline hardy shrub. It can spread up to 1 meter in both height and width. These plants take very little care as they can survive in any condition. These shrubs add a good look due to its evergreen color. It also gives yellow colored flowers which adds a good look and color contrast. These plants are generally pest free but might attract specific bugs but are less likely.
  • Succulents: These plants are mainly for outdoors as they need some sunlight for growing correctly. But, never the less, there are specific variants of these plants like “Haworthias” and “Gasteraloes” which can do very well in indoors. They look cute and adorable which makes an excellent plant for indoors. You can prefer growing them in tops or pots as it will be able to stay wet throughout.
  • Pothos: If you are making your indoor vertical garden, then this is one of the best choices to go for. This plant is a vine plant which can live in low light conditions. They do not need much care, but you have to coax to make the plant change its direction to grow up. They grow for up to 20 feet for which you need to trim it down and keep it at whatever size you seem to be fine.
  • English ivy: Another evergreen fern in your list. Like all another fern they do not need much care. They generally grow on grounds, but you can change them according to your need. They provide a good look in indoors and also has a useful feature of regarding VOCs from the air which provides a good effect to your room. As these plants grow aggressively and might spread out, you have to trim them down as and when needed.
  • Wax Flower: Another vine which requires sunny indoor to survive. It also requires a warm and humid place to survive better. It does not need much care as it grows on its own but not aggressive. The best characteristic is its eye-catching flower which grows repeatedly. These plant’s flower has the highest VOC removal rate.

These are some of the best plants for Vertical Garden that you can plant and make your place stand out. But everything comes down to the location and how you plan to plant them.

By Greenkosh