How to Grow Organic Vegetables on Terrace

Vegetables on Terrace Gardening

Viewing greener highlights in the vast jungles sooth the eyes and minds both. Greenery provides tranquillity to the mind. People are lacking space in the houses so preferring organic terrace garden.

More than 50 percent of the people have started their organic terrace garden but also given up the idea in a month’s time.  No much how big or small is the terrace for gardening;

Basic need for Organic Gardening

  • Right Space for Terrace: Balconies and windowsills are the best places to do gardening. These places are convenient, accessible and well-maintained too. However, terrace farming demands magnificent efforts. If managed in phases then it will be easy to take care of it. One needs to check that the place gets 3-4 hours of direct sunlight. The drainage checks are also another need. Even container gardening no extra waterproofing will be required on the terrace. If one get rains and the rainwater will be drained out easily. While planning for terrace farming, one must cover it with soil.
  • Division and Design of Space: By continuous observation of the shadow patterns and sunlight in the space selected one can get an idea of the spaces. The particular space needs:
    • Optioned for nursery operation.
    • Making composition of the fertilizer/waste management.
    • Creepers are best for planting.
    • Creating a design is the utmost.
    • Maintenance has a great importance while planting terrace garden. One must remember some relevant things for maintaining and starting the terrace garden. Likewise, the designing other things are not less important.
  • Supplier of Gardening: One must visit the nearest vendors who have the proper amount of information and rapport with the customer. The comparison is necessary for using the best. Initially, it is good to check the quality of the seeds. Maintaining good rapport with the vendor, one can take the benefit of taking few quantities of seeds. While making a continuous check on the exotic vegetable and flowers in the nurseries, anyone can add the beauty in the garden.
  • Budget: As ample of recycling will be done in terrace farming still it will cost high. One must save money by taking services from the reasonable prices shops. The Containers will be bought from the scrap shop will also cost something. The devotion of time every day for the scheduling the garden is necessary for planting.
  • Initiating from the small one: Starting from two-three plants greatest of the variety of the vegetables and herbs will work. It will get the hands on the experience; one can add the plants gradually and easily.
  • What kinds of vegetables can we Grow and how much water is required:  Cultivating needs the proper arrangement of rainwater harvesting for saving the resource.  The homemade drip irrigation system must be taken care of the problem.

Vegetable to grow on Terrace Garden

After proper research, the following are the organic vegetables on terrace one can cultivate. Take a view:

  • Tomatoes: It doesn’t need large space to grow. One can grow it on hanging baskets, window boxes, and planter pots. One can plant tomato seeds or starter plants whichever they want.
  • Carrots: They are the brilliant option for terrace garden. The carrot can also be grown in the small containers. They have different varieties of little fingers and Thumbelina etc.
  • Onions: One can use onions in an ample way. The 5 to 6 inches deep boxes are the best to plant onions. As onions are small size, it will be convenient.
  • Potato: It is fun to grow the potatoes in a planter pot and one can easily plant 3 to 4 potatoes. The potato plants will grow healthy and will produce soon. They relish the taste of the food to which it is added.
  • Radish: The excellent feature of growing radishes is that they can grow even in a small-sized plastic or wooden planter pots. One can scatter seeds at the top of a container.
  • Beets: Beets also needs the small spaces for expand. One will choose planter pots that will least 12 inches depths so that it will be grown anywhere.
  • Capsicum: Capsicum prices always rise high so better to take benefit the roof. It is just tickling the soil and sprinkles seeds in the container. One will start the pot of good seeding that is mixed.

The gardener will have to be patient and caring. For planting, various mixes of the seeds are best for it.


Organic garden fertilizers are made up of natural products. They are best for terrace garden. There are some organic fertilizers like Ash, Blood meal, Compost, Fish emulsion, Bone meal, Wood chips/ Saw dust, Cover crops, Rock powder, Fish Meal etc.

Groundnut cake, cow dung, Neem cake, Vermi Composer, goat dung, slurry from biogas etc is some of the fertilizers. Banana Peel, tea waste, and eggshells are an effective organic fertilizer.

Organic Vegetable on Terrace

By Greenkosh