Snake Plant Benefits: Why you Should Add one to you Home Today

The Snake Plant is an African flowering plant that grows in the West, Nigeria, and the Congo. Often referred to as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue or Saint George’s Sword, this species can be further categorized into 8 different types of Sansevieria (Snake Plants), classified by their unique shape and color variation. Apart from its beauty, there are several snake plant benefits for health that are beneficial to both man and the environment.

There are several snake plant benefits in bedroom placement as help us to clean the air and purify the entire room. Adding the plant into the home can create a healthier environment, one that can improve overall health.

There is some important snake plant benefits care as the plant is known for rapid growth. Requiring minimum water and annual repotting, this plant is a perfect low-maintenance option making it perfect for home gardens.

Benefits of Snake Plant

Besides the unique look of the Snake Plant, the benefits of placing them in the home are what make them most attractive. These Snake Plant Benefits improve the home environments and can even improve health, we will go further in-depth with the points below.

  • Prevents Allergies: The Snake Plant acts as an air purifier removing most airborne irritants. This has shown to significantly reduce allergic reactions and symptoms.
  • Cleans the Air: This is a major concern in the world today with the growth of mankind’s carbon footprint. Snake plants act as a sponge, absorbing toxins from the environment. It is said that out of the 5 main toxins of concern, the powerful plant can absorb 4.
  • Increases Flow of Oxygen: The Snake Plant is one of the most oxygen-producing plants in the world. This promotes not only an increased amount of oxygen but cleaner and purer oxygen.
  • CAM: For this plant, photosynthesis takes place at night instead as the plant soaks up sufficient oxygen by day and uses it for this process by night. For this reason, they are constantly absorbing Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, resulting in a safer and less toxic atmosphere.
  • Improves Quality of Sleep: Cleaner and Purer air allow the body to inhale fresh cleans oxygen. This, in turn, improves sleep, decreasing the body’s defense system making it easier to fall into a deep sleep.
  • Tranquillity: The look of the snake plant is calming and beautiful making it a good choice when creating a relaxing aura in the home. Many designers have used the plant as a staple in the popular Feng Shui style.

When choosing plants for the home, it is important to select them not only for their beauty but for the improvements they can bring. There are several health benefits of Snake Plant that when combined with the low-maintenance and beauty make it the perfect house plant for a calming atmosphere.


Q1. Do all snake plants clean the air?

Yes, these plants act as air filters absorbing pollutants and irritants creating a cleaner more breathable air.

Q2. How much oxygen does a snake plant produce?

The Snake Plant is one of the top producers of oxygen among its kind. Just one medium-sized plant has the capacity to improve the purity of all oxygen in an average-sized home.

Q3. Does the snake plant bring good luck?

No, But Most believe this for its ability to remove toxins and poisons, making it good for health and luck.

Q4. Why is it called Snake Plant?

The plant gets its name from its appearance, its markings and varied colors mimicking that of a snake standing straight.

Q5. Is Snake Plant dangerous?

For humans no, they are actually highly beneficial. Precautions must be taken in homes with dogs or cats as ingestion can be toxic. Placement is important as well as the ability to recognize symptoms of ingestion.

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