Incredible Crassula Plant Benefits that You Must Know

Crassula Plant Benefits encourages people to plant this beautiful succulent at homes and offices. The official name of the jade plant is Crassula Ovata but is commonly known by some other names like Money Plant, Dollar Plant, Lucky Plant, and Lucky tree, etc. The plant has fresh, glossy, green foliage with a thick stem. Attractive features planted in small containers always grab the attention of people. 

Crassula Plant

The plant is also known for its diverse varieties that come with different patterns, sizes, and colors. If you are thinking about planting a jade plant at home, do check out the Crassula plant types before getting one for home. Majorly the Crassula Ovata plant benefits attract the people but the added advantage here is that the plant thrives really well with little care. 

The plant can be hung in a container, or you can keep it near windows, on the desk, or in the living room to leverage the benefits of this beautiful tiny shrub. Here are crassula plant benefits that may attract you as well to get one for your home or workplace.

Crassula Plant Benefits

  1. Attracts Good Luck: The plant was first used by the Chinese people as it has feng shui properties. The plant is said to bring fortune, good luck, and prosperity for the owner and it is widely used in Asian countries for this purpose. It is an ideal plant that can be used both at home and office to attract wealth and stability. Place the plant at the entrance of your office for the growth of your business. If you are a shop owner you can keep the plant near the money counter to attract more money flow. At home, the southeastern corner is good for attracting wealth while the eastern corner is good to bring good health & happiness.
  2. Improves air quality: Indoor air is equally responsible for diseases and allergies as outdoor air. It has been verified that the Crassula plant is good at removing toxins from the air. The major volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde, acetone, benzene, and toluene can be removed if you have a jade plant in your house. Exposure to VOC like Toluene can lead to serious health issues like insomnia, weakness, exhaustion, and kidney or liver problems. People who suffer from dizziness, skin allergies, asthma, nausea, headaches, and lack of focus can benefit from this plant.
  3. Medicinal properties: The plant not only brings good luck but carries some effective medical properties as well. Some African communities and Chinese communities have identified the use of these shrubs to treat different diseases. The jade plant helps in treating wounds and skin warts by applying the extract over the infected area. There is a traditional Chinese medicine made out of jade plant juice that helps in controlling diabetes. People use the jade plant leaves while making tea to treat diabetes, upset stomach, and wounds. As per feng shui, the plant promotes good mental health as well by removing negative vibes in the surroundings and helps in the healthy functioning of the brain.
  4. Great CO2 absorber: The Crassulacean Acid Metabolism process executed by the jade plant at night helps in absorbing CO2 at night time while doing the photosynthesis process in the daytime. The jade plant is one of the plants that received this special gift from nature. This is why it is always a good idea to keep this plant in your bedroom to reduce the carbon dioxide levels from the room and keep the surroundings humid. This process overall helps in uplifting the overall air quality of the room.
  5. Good for new gardeners: The plant thrives really well without asking for much attention from the owner. As you know that it is a slow-growing succulent, it requires less time pruning, repotting, and frequent sessions of fertilizers. The easy to maintain characteristic makes it a good choice for the new gardeners. The plant does not need regular watering, water it when the upper soil feels dry and it can easily withstand low light shady conditions. It can also grow in both direct and indirect sunlight. Novice gardeners can easily take care of this plant even if they have not taken care of any plant before.
  6. A beautiful gift for people: There is no doubt that the beautiful circular, shiny green foliage brings charm to the room or any place where you wish to put the plant. The miniature tree goes well with every interior setting and that makes it a good gifting option. The other crassula money plant benefits added with the charm make it a perfect gift for anyone who and majorly everyone appreciates the plant due to its positive vibes. Moreover, it is very compact which means it does not take up so much space at anyone’s place and due to its feng shui properties, people love to have such plants at their homes.
  7. Promotes humidity: The issue of low humidity rises in the regions where winters are more prevalent. People use humidifiers at home to remove the dry air. Crassula plant health benefits are not only limited to removing the toxins but also helps in creating a humid atmosphere. Low humidity levels can lead to skin allergies, dryness, itchy throat, cracked lips, cold & flu, and many more health issues. The bacteria and viruses are more likely to live longer in the dry air. You can keep them away by just planting a jade plant at home. In winters, heaters tend to reduce the ideal 30 to 60 per cent humidity levels and in summers the air conditioner drops down the humidity levels. So, in any case, this plant can be very good for increasing relative humidity.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is the best place to keep the Crassula plant at home?

You can keep the Crassula plant at the entrance of the home to attract money and wealth.

Q2: Which is the best direction as per Vastu for the Crassula plant?

North, East, or the North-east directions are considered as the best to leverage the benefits of the Crassula plant.

Q3: How often should you water the Crassula plant?

The Crassula plant can thrive really well if you water it every 2-3 weeks. Make sure you check the soil and if the layer feels dry, you should water the plant.

By Greenkosh