Plants that Influence Positivity in a Home

When thinking about using plants for interior décor, one of the things that you have to consider is the energy that they radiate. Some plants just don’t work that well in an interior setting because they seem to give off a negative aura around the house. However, there are those that for some reason appear to have a calming positive aura about them and they are excellent choices for interior décor.



The jasmine plant is associated with Persian folklore where it is viewed as sacred. It is said to enhance one’s esteem and relationships. The fragrance from the jasmine flower is soothing, relaxing and creates a positive mood within the house.



The rosemary plant works to influence positivity and mental well-being as well as physical wellness. The rosemary plant absorbs and removes toxins from the air within the house, which prevents illness. More so, it generates a positive aura that is good for morale and self-esteem. Rosemary can be used in a number of recipes where it is not only aromatic but also acts to calm the nerves, improve mental activity and enhance positivity.



The orchid is also known to radiate positive energy and is thought to prolong life. After blossoming, orchid flowers radiate a sweet and calming fragrance that lasts a long time in the house. Orchids also produce high amounts of oxygen, which is increases one’s activeness and alertness.



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The sage is known for its purification properties and is associated with romance. The sage plant influences one’s optimism, self-esteem, love and a positive mood. Aside from that, it improves your health by purifying the air and ridding it of toxins.


Holy Basil

The Holy Basil plant has a number of medicinal properties one of which is the reduction of anxiety. The aroma from the Holy Basil is soothing and influences a peaceful and positive atmosphere. The Holy Basil can be used to make to make herbal tea, which is an excellent remedy for dealing with stress.


Aloe Vera

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Known for its numerous healing properties, the aloe vera plant is also great for influencing a positive flow of energy in your house. Provide being a ready remedy for a wide array of health complications, it is also associated with influencing positivity in an individual.


There are a number of plants that can be used to influence the flow of positive energy within your home. When you pick out a plant, make sure that you understand its growth requirements, otherwise, it will die and fail to benefit you in the least. Some such as the aloe vera do not require high maintenance, while the orchid requires a lot of maintenance.

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