5 Easiest Fruit Plants to Grow Indoors

Due to personal preference or circumstance, you might need to grow fruits indoors. Perhaps it’s the winter or you have a small apartment without an outdoor garden or some other reason. Either way, the secret to growing indoor fruits is choosing the right kind of fruit and ensuring that the indoor environment will be suitable for its growth.


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If you need to grow lemons and have them mature quickly, you should ask for a dwarf tree from a nursery. Since a normal tree can grow to a significant height that may not fit within the house, the dwarf tree is really the best option. Water the tree regularly but do not add in too much water could affect the growth, make sure that the pot has sufficient space and drainage. A lemon tree needs at least 12 hours of sunlight so make sure that it is positioned somewhere that receives that much light.


Much like the lemon tree, the mandarin orange tree needs to be watered regularly but not soaked. That is why you need sufficient drainage in the pot. For this tree, you will need at least 6ft of height space to allow for its growth. It also needs at least 12 hours of sunlight.


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Avocados are a little tricky to grow. The best option is to grow a dwarf avocado plant, not just for space but for the fruits as well. Growing it from its seed might take too long before you can get any edible fruits. Make sure that you water the plant regularly but do not overdo it. Even as a dwarf tree, an avocado tree can still grow to a considerable height so make sure that you have at least 10 ft. of height space.


Strawberries are great for indoor fruit growing. They mature quickly and produce plenty of strawberries. When growing them, it is important that you observe the spacing between the plants. It is also vital that they get sufficient sunlight and water.


Watermelons need plenty of sunshine and warmth so make sure to provide the optimum conditions. Watermelons grow from vines, which in themselves are not self-supporting. That means that you will have to create makeshift supports for the vines, putting into account the fact that watermelons are quite heavy.

When it comes down to it, your greatest considerations for the easiest fruits to grow indoors should be the space and conditions. Each plant requires different growth conditions and you should check to see whether you can meet them. On the issue of space, if you don’t have enough to handle a mature dwarf tree, then you should consider growing vine fruits instead.

By Greenkosh