Complete Guide of Lucky plants for Home, Business, Office and more

We all love to decorate our houses with beautiful plants that have distinct colored foliage, to uplift the look of our room, balcony, terrace garden, or outdoor garden. There are a lot of varieties in plants when you want to choose one for your home, but if you want something good then always look for the good qualities.

Some plants are great air purifiers, some plants remove the toxins by increasing humidity in the air, while some are lucky plants that bring fortune, good positive vibes, and create a healthy atmosphere where you place them. You can use different lucky plants for different places and enjoy the freshness of the plant with good luck and prosperity for your life.

Lucky Plants for Home

If you are putting a small pot of plant in your bedroom, balcony, or in the living room it is better that you put a feng shui plant or a lucky plant according to the Vastu. We all want to live in a healthy, positive environment, and putting plants that Influence Positivity in a Home will create a good lifestyle, and help you improve relationships with your loved ones.

Lucky Plants for Home
  • Golden Pothos: Golden Pothos also known as the money plant is one of the best plants to keep at home. They are good air purifiers and according to feng shui, they are believed to bring prosperity and wealth while stabilizing the negative radiations. 
  • Jasmine: In this world where there is stress and a chaotic environment everywhere, people seek peace at home and you can get that peace if you keep a jasmine plant at your home. Jasmine has a delicate fragrance that reduces anxiety, brings peace, and boosts relationships.
  • Aloe Vera: If you keep an aloe vera plant in the north or east direction as per Vastu then you’re going to receive a lot of health benefits. The plant attracts positive energy and drains out the bad vibes and bad energy when kept indoors.

Lucky Plants for Study Table

Apart from decorating your homes, you can use some indoor plants to create more focus while you are studying at your table. Students who are studying at schools, universities, and even people who are learning a new skill can surround themselves with these plants to keep more concentration by breathing more oxygen in a calm environment.

Lucky Plants for Study Table
  • ZZ Plant: The ZZ plant is known for holding moisture and water for long periods and it can survive in any light condition. The plant is known to produce the purest oxygen and the purest form of oxygen helps to improve the brain and body functioning.
  • Rubber plant: Rubber plant is known to fight the allergens in the air and as per research conducted by NASA, the plant removes volatile organic compounds which is why you feel fresh around the plant. It boasts a good environment when you are trying to concentrate on your studies.

Lucky Plants for Business

When you keep feng shui plants at offices, they not only promote good air quality and bring good luck but provide a healthy environment by keeping positive vibes all around the workplace. A positive environment boosts the morale of the employees and the productivity rate of the organization increases slightly. Here are some lucky plants you can plant indoors for your business.

Lucky Plants for Business
  • Lucky Bamboo: Lucky bamboo plant is known to boost the confidence in people and it has a good positive impact on the mental state of the people making them more creative and attentive. Keeping this plant will definitely help if you keep it in the east corner.
  • Snake Plant: There are different types of Snake Plant (Sansevieria) that you can buy to bring good luck to your business. There are several benefits of Snake Plant such as it helps in purifying air, attracts good fortune, and snake plant care is very easy.
  • Jade Plant: The jade plant is a gift for the business and it is often placed near the entrances of the business to bring rapid success and prosperity. The rounded leaves are bound to bring success as per feng shui rules. There are several more jade plant benefits that make it perfect for businesses.

Lucky Plants for Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important part of your home and this is the place from where you get all the daily nourishment. So, keeping feng shui plants in the kitchen drives the positive energy of the surroundings to your nourishment and develops a healthy environment and overall health. Here are some plants you can keep in the kitchen.

Lucky Plants for Kitchen
  • Basil: The bright green rounded leaves of the basil plant are enough to draw positive energy in your kitchen and freshen up the surroundings with its beautiful scent. Basil is also used in making Italian cuisine and adds more taste to the flavor of dishes.
  • Chamomile: The Chamomile plant is connected with money and luck according to feng shui and it helps in drawing prosperity into the heart of your home which is your kitchen. The beautiful flowers are used in tea to transfer that positive energy to your body.

Lucky Plants for Shop

If you are a shop owner and you want to attract a good flow of money, peace and a positive environment around you then you must buy some lucky plants for your shop. You could open a shop of anything in the world. There are certain plants that bring prosperity to your shops. Here are some plants you can keep in your newly opened shop or existing shop.

  • Areca Palm: As per feng shui, the Areca Palm is known to bring peace and prosperity for you. The plant is also good to detoxify the air around you and breathe fresh air that helps you to keep your mind and body fresh all the time.
  • Peace lily: Feng shui says that keeping a peace lily near you will help you take off the negative energy from near you and promote good fortune. It promotes sound working of the brain by cleansing the air that you breathe. The plant gives your motivation to work hard and support emotional wellbeing.

Lucky plants for Office Desk

Your workplace is always stressful and no matter what kind of job you do, even if you love your job profile, there will be times when you will be surrounded by stress and negative vibes. According to Vastu you can eliminate that stressful vibes and create healthy surroundings by emitting positive vibes. Keep these plants in your cubicles or at your desk to keep you calm in stressful conditions.

Lucky Plants for Office Desk
  • Money Plant: The money plant helps you by reducing the stress and anxiety that you feel while working at your desk. It promotes good air quality by removing the toxins from the air, bringing good luck and positive energy to your desk to perform well every day.
  • Schefflera Plant: Schefflera Plant is a natural air purifier and thus promotes good mental health while you are working on your desk. The plant is also known for its good luck and fortune properties which makes it a good plant for your office desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which plants are unlucky for your home?

Cactus, Cotton Plant, Bonsai, and any thorny plant should be avoided at homes.

Q2: Which is the best plant to attract money?

Usually, the money plant is considered the best plant to attract money and fortune.

Q3: Why you should not keep the bonsai plants indoors?

The bonsai resembles slow and stunted growth and this might interfere with the growth of people living at home.

By Greenkosh