Easy to Grow Low Maintenance Balcony Plants

Whether you live in a big mansion or a small apartment, whether it’s on the ground floor or at the topmost floor of your building. You will definitely have some space to keep beautiful plants. Now, it’s your choice whether you want to place them indoors in your bedroom, living room, or outside in your balcony or terrace garden. Most of the people have balconies where they prefer to keep the plants. That is why low-maintenance balcony plants are quite commonly found everywhere.

Low maintenance plants for balcony

These evergreen balcony plants are a great addition to your home and your balcony. The green shade and feeling of freshness will make you happy every time you are on your balcony. It’s even better if you fill your balcony with multi-colored plants. It gives a more vibrant look and uplifts the charm of the space. You can get different colored foliage plants for the balcony whose fragrance will make you happy while you are having your morning coffee or evening tea on your balcony. 

Best Low-Maintenance Balcony Plants

  • Spider Plant: Spider plant also known as the Chlorophytum comosum, is a perfect low maintenance balcony plant. The plant can survive irregular watering sessions and thrives well in low light conditions. It even helps you in breathing pure air and the beautiful green foliage with white centers or corners adds beauty to your balcony. You can buy a normal potting mix but keep the soil moist. During the blooming period and under optimal conditions, you can also witness tiny white flowers.
  • Snake Plant: This beautiful ornamental plant is also known as Mother-in-law’s tongue. The thick waxy, sword-shaped green leaves have sharp pointed ends. The plant is also known for its benefits like removing the volatile compounds from the air. The plant is good for people who are often out of their homes or are new to gardening. This is an evergreen balcony plant that can survive in low to bright sunlight, poor soil, and minimum water sessions. 
  • Jade Plant: Jade plant also known as the friendship tree, or lucky plant is kept at offices and home as it brings good luck for the owner. The plant is well suited for your balcony as it requires very little space and thrives well with low maintenance. It brings positivity and improves the overall air quality at home. Place them in a bright airy spot, adequate soil mix, and water when needed. You will see the round glossy leaves thriving on the woody stems even in the toughest soil and little watering sessions.
  • ZZ Plant: ZZ plant is one of the best plants for home balcony as per Indian weather and climate. The plant has shiny thick leaves that feel very vibrant if you keep it on your balcony. The plant is also known for its air-purifying properties. The plant stays green all around the year as it is drought tolerant and thrives very well in bright indirect light. Apart from that, the plants need a well-drained soil mix that is moist for good growth.
  • Peace Lily: Although peace lily is more of a houseplant that is kept indoors as it prefers low light and low humidity. But the plant can be kept on your balcony among other plants. The peace lily is very low on maintenance and it does thrive really well even if it’s underwatered for a month. The glossy dark green-colored leaves have central spikes with beautiful white flowers. Usually the plant blossoms during summers but some varieties blossom intermittently throughout the year with different colors. Another bonus here is that it has a beautiful fragrance and keeps the air clean to breathe.
  • Lavender: Everyone loves to sit in a place with a good fragrance or smell that calms their mind and soul. Lavender is the plant that fills your balcony with a sweet aroma and it is the beautiful color of the plant that beautifies the whole look and feel of your balcony. Different varieties of lavender come in different colors like deep purple, dusty pink, white, and many more. You can witness the beautiful blooms in the summer period. Lavender prefers full sunlight, minimum water, and nutrient-rich soil to thrive.
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is a multitasker and a hard-to-kill plant that has lots of medicinal uses in daily life. The plant requires very little care and loves to sit in the direct sunlight. Water it only when the soil feels dry to touch and use well-drained soil to avoid any rot. Aloe vera is resistant to insects and the pulp from the leaves helps by rejuvenating skin and hair. The Plant is even helpful in treating small wounds, burns, and cuts.
  • Rubber Tree: The beautiful deep green colored leaves of the Rubber Tree holds great aesthetic value. The plant is considered as one of the most low-maintenance balcony plants ever as it required a moderate temperature, bright indirect light, moist soil during summers, and less water during winters. Moreover, it cleanses the air that you are breathing. Make sure that you buy a small rubber tree plant and put them in a small container that restricts the growth and makes it perfect for the balcony.
  • Pothos/Devil’s Ivy: You may know this plant as a “money plant” and it is one of the most common hanging plants for balcony or indoor. The plant has striking green leaves with tones of yellow and cream. The plant is considered auspicious as it brings good luck and keeps you away from the financial crisis. It’s a fast-growing plant that also removes harmful gases from your surroundings. The plant enjoys low light, moss-based soil which drains the water quickly and water once per week.
  • Indian Basil: Basil is grown in India and holds cultural and religious sentiments of people towards it. It is one of the best plants for balcony with medicinal and immunity-boosting qualities. Apart from that the plant is an excellent mosquito repellant and is used in many cuisines as a culinary herb. It loves sunlight and fertile soil to grow. Water it only when the uppermost layer feels dry during summers and in winters you can sprinkle the water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which are the hard-to-kill balcony plants?

Some plants like the Rubber plant, Aloe vera, Snake Plant, and ZZ plant are considered hard-to-kill balcony plants.

Q2: What are the best plants for a sunny balcony?

Plants like Lavender, Snake plant, Aloe vera, and Basil love to sit in the bright light of the sun.

Q3: Why should you consider plants for your balcony?

Plants not only uplift the look of the place but purify the air, have medicinal values, relieve mental stress, and some plants even bring a fortune with them.

By Greenkosh