Lipstick Plant Varieties: A-Z Guide Everything You Need To Know

Lipstick plants are native to Southeast Asia. You can find them growing through the cracks of branches from the trees. They have heavy foliage which is why they are the perfect plants to grow in containers or hanging baskets.

If given enough humidity, warmth and sunlight, these lipstick plant varieties will continue to bloom throughout the year.

Lipstick Plant Varieties

Usually, they mostly flower during the fall and summer seasons. Though the name might make it sound like it has a pleasant aroma, it actually does not!

Fascinating Varieties of the Lipstick Plant:

1. ‘Black Pagoda’ Lipstick Plant

The Black Pagoda Lipstick plant is also known as the ‘Lipstick Black Pagoda’. They have mesmerising yellow blooms and the suitable temperature for these plants is 60°F to 80°F.

Similarly, they need indirect bright light. The plant has variegated foliage.

2. Variegated Lipstick Plant

This variegated lipstick plant variety is a spectacular one that is known to have white-streaked leaves. Also, during the blooming season, you will find pretty red and orange flowers on it.

3. Curly Lipstick Plant

This curly lipstick plant variety is a unique one that you need to witness. This variety is known to have dark green leaves that have a twist and curl to them.

It is those curly leaves that give the plant an unusual and unique appearance.

4. Krakau Lipstick Plant

This unique variety is an eye-catching and attractive plant that has bright red flowers.

Since it has dark green shiny leaves, the beautiful red flowers add an aesthetic appeal to the overall look of the plant.

5. Purple Star Lipstick Plant

This again has dark and lush green leaves that add beauty to the entire look of the lipstick plant. It has beautiful red flowers with a dash of violet to it.

Add an interesting and elegant look to your spaces with this artistic lipstick plant.

6. Tangerine (Orange) Lipstick Plant

The tangerine lipstick plant is a beautiful addition that you can set to your home.

This lipstick plant varieties have thick green leaves adorned with yellow and orange flowers.

7. Cassiopeia Lipstick Plant

This plant is another attractive plant that has red bright flowers that come from stunning dark purple buds.

8. Mini Variegated Lipstick Plant

This is the mini version of the lipstick plant varieties. It has small red flowers with leaves that are medium in height.

9. Rasta Lipstick Plant

This is a stunning type of houseplant that has green curly leaves. Additionally, the plant is abundant with beautiful red flowers that make it perfect for indoors.

10. Mona Lisa Lipstick Plant

The Mona Lisa type plant has a darker shade of green leaves. Alongside, during the blooming season, you will see stunning orange-red flowers peeking through the dark green leaves.

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Quick Caring Guide for all Varieties of Lipstick Plant

Lipstick Plant

The lipstick plant is relatively and easy to grow and care plant without any hassles. All you need to take care of is the right temperature, moisture levels and filtered sunlight.

  • Humidity & Temperature: The lipstick plant varieties need to have an ideal temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Since they are a tropical plant, they need their share of humidity and warmth. If the temperatures begin to fall under 50 degrees Fahrenheit, then it won’t be suitable for the plants. Eventually, the leaves will start to drop.
  • Water: Though the lipstick plant does like moisture during its growing period, overwatering will have negative effects. If you happen to over water the lipstick plant varieties, then the roots will start to rot. At the same time, there can be fungal issues along with leaf drops. Hence, do not water until you feel that the soil is dry.
  • Soil: In tropical regions, these plants usually grow over other branches or plants as well. As mentioned earlier, you will also find them growing through the cracks in stones or rocks. However, when you go ahead to plant them, make sure that the root is intact. You can easily grow them in a moist and well-aerated spot. Also, you can consider using sphagnum moss along with sand for good drainage.
  • Light: With these lipstick plant varieties, you need to make sure that they are not exposed to bright sunlight. They love filtered sunlight which is what they require for good growth. Direct sunlight or too low sunlight can cause the leaves to drop or other similar issues. At the same time, this will also affect the flowering of the lipstick plant. Hence, make sure that you do not keep them in direct sunlight which will have negative impacts on the plant.
  • Fertiliser: If you need to add extra fertilizer for your lipstick plant, you can use a slow-release one that is easily available in the markets today. It is best to use them during the growing season as they will get rid of any infections. Also, it will help in the flowering of the lipstick plant. Except for full and heavy blooms use these fertilisers for the lipstick plant.


Q1. Can you root the lipstick plant in water?

You can definitely grow lipstick plants using cuttings from healthy plants. Ensure to water the plants a day prior to cutting. This wi make sure that is lipstick plant is well-hydrated.

Q2. How do I get my lipstick plant to bloom?

Ensure that the plant is kept in a warm location with indirect or filtered sunlight. Also, water on demand and add fertiliser to get the plant to bloom.

Q3. How much sun exposure is necessary for the lipstick plant?

The lipstick plant does not like too much of direct sun exposure. If kept in direct sunlight, the leaves start to drop and will eventually die. Keep it in a location where there is shade and filtered sunlight for the best results.

By Greenkosh