Adenium Plant – Everything You Need to Know About this Tiny Plant

adenium plants

The adenium plant is a flowering one that is native to the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. These plants adapt well to hot climatic temperatures similar to desert conditions. They love the direct sun temperature and also tend to bloom well in them. All the adenium plant needs are well-draining and warm soil along with hot temperatures. The plant is mostly floriferous throughout the warm conditions.

The flowers are attractive enough to bees and hummingbirds which carry on with the pollination process. When the temperatures begin to get cold, it is recommended that you get your adenium plants indoors. Make sure that you water these plants well during the summers. On the other hand, water them sparingly. Just as water and sunlight are important for the plant, keep a check on the soil as well. It must have loose soil and the water should never be logged in it.

Adenium Plant Care: Tips & Tricks For Best Results

  • Fertilizer: During the blooming or flowering season, it is best to provide the adenium plant with a slow-release fertilizer at regular intervals. The adenium plant fertilizer will not only help your plant grow well but it will also get strong roots with better immunity. You can also consider using liquid fertilizer for better adenium plant care.
  • Adenium Seeds: If you wish to grow adenium plant seeds, then that is the best way to ensure a thick and fibrous room system. To sow these seeds, you will need 50% of perlite or sand and 50% of coco coir. Take a shallow tray or pot and place it in a spot that has adequate direct sunlight. There are warming pads available that will allow you to set a steady temperature.
  • Adenium Plant Care: Then, sprinkle the seeds gently over the surface and cover them with a thin layer of perlite or sand. Water them on alternate days till they start sprouting. You can use a spray bottle so that you don’t disturb the little seeds while watering the plants. For adenium plant care in summer, ensure to water it regularly and keep them in bright light.
  • Seeds: Within five to seven days, you should see your adenium plant seeds sprouting. Additionally, ensure that the soil has moisture but it should not be wet. When you water plants, there should not be any standing water. Get a good draining soil and do not water again until the soil feels dry. These plants are great for the outdoors. Once established well, you won’t need to water them as much.
  • Sunlight: The adenium plant thrives well and grows beautifully in hot climates. You can give them adequate bright morning sun or the afternoon sun so that they do not get leggy. However, placing them in too much sun may also have its side effects like the plant not flowering as much.

Adenium Plant Propagation:

How To Propagate Adenium From Cuttings

  • Adenium Plant Cutting: If you are interested in growing this plant using adenium plant cutting, then you need to be aware that the plant may not have a strong root system. So, if your adenium is not growing as expected, this could be one of the reasons. However, there are many other benefits of growing the plant through cuttings. You can also try grafting cutting into different plants to produce more flowers. At the same time, you can try your hands with different cuttings to form a beautiful grouping.
  • Cutting Requirements: It is advised to prune long shoots that can be used to grow new plants. For the ideal adenium cutting, your shoots should be at least 6″ inches long. Once you are done pruning, select the healthy ones. Next, you need to lay the shoots out on a towel or newspaper away from the sunlight. Let the cutting dry for about 48 hours. After the completion of two days, take a container with well-draining soil. Take equal amounts of coco coir and potting mix.
  • Watering & Soil: Sprinkle a fine layer of gravel in the container for drainage. Dust the end of the cutting in rooting powder and plant it in the potting mix. Use a spray bottle and water the cutting daily. Make sure not to overwater. If the roots become too watery, they will eventually rot and die. Hence, limit watering and only water when the soil feels dry. Place the container indoors or outdoors and keep an eye on it. After new leaves start emerging, your adenium plant bonsai is ready to be planted in the final location. This is how to grow adenium from cuttings.
  • Cutting Season: The adenium cutting season is known to be best before blooming. If you happen to cut adenium in late autumn, then there are chances that the new shoots may frost during the colder temperatures. Two ways on how to make more branches in the adenium plant are to prune them and place them in good sunlight. Also, on how to make adenium bushy, you can try pruning the plant during the winter. Here, you can avoid watering too much. During the spring, gradually place it outdoors and allow good sunlight.

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There are a total of 9 species of the adenium plant out of which 3 are common. We shall have a look at all of the beautiful adenium plant species.

Common Adenium Plants Species:

  1. Adenium Multiflorum
  2. Adenium Obesum (Desert Rose)
  3. Adenium Arabicum

Let us have a quick glance at the rest 6 other Species:

  1. Adenium Crispum
  2. Adenium Swazicum
  3. Adenium Boehmianum
  4. Adenium Somalense
  5. Adenium Arizona
  6. Adenium Socotranum


Q1: Can I prune adenium in summer?

It is best to wait till the end of summer to prune your adenium plants.

Q2: What is the best season for adenium grafting?

It is advisable that you consider adenium grafting when your plant is in active growth. The procedure should be done at a recommended temperature of 68F or 20C.

Q3: How often should you water the adenium plant?

When the adenium is at a growing stage, you can water it frequently depending on the type of soil and container used. For bigger containers, you can water them fewer times in a week.

By Greenkosh