Benefits of Haworthia Plant Which You Never Knew

Haworthia plant is a small succulent plant belonging to the Asphodelaceae family. The beautiful Haworthia plant is native to South Africa and is also known as the “Zebra cactus” plant. These plants are generally potted indoors due to their beautiful green leaves with zebra-like stripes over those leaves. The plant resembles Aloes, and Gasteria plants but actually they have a distinctive look due to their distinguished flowers.

Hawthoria plants are house plants that grow around 6 inches tall but some species grow around 20 inches tall. The plant has stemless leaves and those leaves form a rosette shape that grows around 3 cm to around 30 cm. The plant grows slowly and it is very easy to take care of this plant. The plant enjoys bright sunlight and moisture around it in the summers when it grows the most. The plant comes in a lot of varieties and there are many benefits of the Haworthia Zebra Plant in the real world.

Benefits of Haworthia Plant

The ravishing Hawthoria plant is very popular in humid or warm regions and it is really easy to cope with the plant, which is why people buy it more often to uplift their home interiors. Here are some benefits of the Haworthia Zebra Plant.

  • Easy to Maintain: One of the major benefits of the Haworthia Plant is that it is really easy to maintain and every normal person can pot this plant in their home. The plant can tolerate underwatering and doesn’t require water every day. Even if you water it once a month, it can survive easily. But if you want your plant to thrive easily, water it once at least once a week, and keep it under shady light with humid conditions nearby. 
  • Purifies Air: The other benefit is universal in all plants but usually, these species are linked with purifying air quality near you as they sit inside your room and bring more oxygen to you. The plant does not take much space and it can be potted in a small container and you can put that container anthro near you where you sit the most. The small plant will take up the carbon dioxide and deliver more oxygen to you. 
  • Ideal for Gifting Someone: You can also give this plant to your acquaintances, friends, or anyone as they look damn beautiful. Gifting a plant to someone is always a good idea, but if you have to pick the best plant, you have to choose a plant-like Haworthia with a small structure that does not feel like a burden on someone due to their extensive care. The plant even offers beautiful zebra-striped leaves with distinct flowers which definitely bring more charm to its look. 
  • As per Indoor Decor, people always want their home interiors, especially their living room, to look as elegant and gorgeous as possible. Maybe you have the best in the class interior, but adding a beautiful Haworthia plant can intensify or elevate the living room’s overall look. Put the plant in a container and place it where it can be visible and get the attention of people. Compared to a big plant, small compact plants look more elegant and beautiful inside.
  • Non-Toxic Plant: Nearly every household has babies or pets in their home, so non-toxic plants are preferred by people. The Haworthia plant is non-toxic and your kids and pets are completely safe around this plant. You can also keep the plant away from the reach of your children or pets if you are concerned due to its compact nature. However, there is no need to worry and you can keep it on your centre table anywhere you want.

There are around 160 species of Haworthia and all of them prosper very well in shady, humid conditions. Although they differ in terms of leaves and flowers, all the species are succulent and majorly used as indoor decor plants.

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Q: How To Identify a Haworthia Plant?

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Q: Is Haworthia poisonous to humans?

The Haworthia plant is non-toxic and safe for humans and pets.

Q: Does Haworthia have healing properties?

Some species like the Haworthia limifolia have healing properties and help purify blood and cure skin rashes, coughs, and other problems.

Q3: How to care for the Haworthia plant?

The haworthia plant needs bright but indirect sunlight and watering sessions once in every week. They grow really well in humid conditions with an average of 65°F-75°F of temperature.

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