Here are the benefits of Syngonium Plant that will compel you to buy it

Syngonium plant whose scientific name is Syngonium podophyllum belongs to the Araceae family. The plant is commonly known as the arrowhead plant due to its arrowhead-shaped leaves that are mostly variegated. Although they are known to be compact indoor plants, some Syngonium plant varieties like the white butterfly love to spread their leaves in all directions. The Syngonium plant is one of the most commonly potted Feng Shui plants and it is available in many regular sized and miniature varieties.

Syngonium Plant Benefit

Arrowhead plants are considered to be toxic so keep your pets and small children away in front of the plant. The plant is intolerant to direct sunlight and it may ruin the leaves of the plant, place them in a shady place and keep them moist all the time as they are native to tropical regions of Mexico, Brazil, and Bolivia. They can thrive very well in room conditions but cannot resist temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Different types of Syngonium plants are available but caring for them and growing them requires almost the same effort.

Benefits of Syngonium Plant

If you are looking for a plant that can be grown anywhere, is easy to maintain, easy to grow, easy to propagate, and looks beautiful in your home then you should definitely try the Syngonium plant. But apart from these basic qualities, there are some major Syngonium plant benefits that might interest you. Here are some of them: Decorative Plant: Syngonium is a very attractive indoor plant that can easily uplift the look for your living room, bedroom, corridors, windows, and tabletops. The glossy, textured, and variegated patterned leaves with different varieties of colors make it look graceful anywhere on your premises. Mostly you will find variegated Syngonium plants everywhere but they come in a lot of color varieties and when they grow their arrowhead leaves blend really well with the surroundings.

1. Feng Shui plant

Syngonium is a Feng Shui plant which means it brings fortune, boosts your health and wealth and your surrounding feels comfortable and positive. The Feng shui plant has the five elements of the earth which are water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. Before putting the plant in your home or office, learn about the Syngonium plant Vastu and make the desired placement accordingly to proceed in your personal and professional life.

2. Perfect for Gifting

They come in a variety of sizes like the regular varieties can be grown outside as they climb to other trees. Miniature varieties are portable and they are used as tabletops and due to their easy portability, they automatically become the perfect choice of plant to gift someone. Another great aspect here is the color varieties like the pink Syngonium plant looks astonishing and looks adorable as a gift. Syngonium plants are very popular plants for Christmas gifts Idea.

3. Purify Air

We all know that pollution is increasing every day and we need fresh air to breathe and putting the Syngonium plant in your bedroom, living room and anywhere near windows will help you beat the pollution. The plant is capable of lowering the CO2 levels of your surroundings and it purifies the air that you breathe every day. They are capable of eliminating chemicals that come from gases and liquids like nitrogen dioxide, benzene, toluene, and xylene that impact our respiratory system.

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4. Need Less Water

If you are growing the arrowhead plant in the soil make sure that you keep the soil moist. You can water the plant twice a week which means that it requires less water to keep growing. Overall the plant does not need too much attention from your side. During the dormancy period which is in winters, you need even fewer watering sessions than usual but do not let the soil dry.

5. Reduce dryness & increase humidity

The gorgeous Syngonium plant not only alleviates the look of your room but keeps you away from respiratory diseases. The plant is believed to have a transpiration rate of 7 and it can help you turn the dry surroundings into humid. Humidity in the air is good for your skin and respiratory health and if you have dry air problems at your home, you can plant as many Syngonium plants in your home.

6. No Need for Soil

Another interesting fact or benefit of Syngonium plant is that it can be grown in water too just like a bamboo plant. You can put it in a jar or decorative vase with water for a lifetime and they will thrive easily. You do not have to check all the time whether the soil is dry or not for another watering session. Just put it under bright indirect light and it will continue to spread its charm in your surroundings.

 7. Low Maintenance Plant

The plant is easy to care for and you do not have to spend money on its maintenance. Like we mentioned before it can be grown in water too which makes it easy to grow automatically and you do not have to care if the soil is moist or not if it is getting enough water or not. Just put it under the shade away from direct sunlight and it will keep on looking amazing throughout the year.

8. Easy to propagate

Another great advantage of this plant is that it is very easy to propagate and if you want to plant in your whole house you can propagate this plant rather than buying them. Just take a cutting of the plant and put it in the water jar for some time and you will see a new plant coming to life. But if you want some other varieties like a white butterfly Syngonium plant but you want a red Syngonium plant, then you have to buy it separately.

9. Fighter Plant

The plant is said to be hard to kill the plant and even if you somehow neglect to care for the plant it can survive at your place. Even if it seems like the plant is almost dead, just put it back in the desired light and water it and you will see it thriving once again. This is why it is said to be a fighter plant and if you want to buy one of these check the Syngonium plant price online on websites like Amazon, eBay and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Syngonium plant is an indoor or outdoor plant?

Typically the plant is grown indoors only in bright indirect light conditions.

Q2: Is the Syngonium plant toxic for people and pets?

Yes, the Syngonium plant is toxic and can cause severe mouth pain if eaten.

Q3: Can you grow Syngonium plants in water only?

Yes, you can put the plant in a jar or vessel filled with water and it will thrive easily.

By Greenkosh