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Importance of Indoor Farming Without Soil/Hydroponic System

There are many different reasons why you should consider choosing indoor farming without soil. First, you will be able to overcome space constraints such as growing vegetables in your home garden through the hydroponic system, which means the technique of growing vegetables in water without using soil. In this particular…

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Amazing Indoor Mosquito Repellent Plants

Plants that repel mosquitoes and bugs

Mosquitoes are not just insects that will frustrate you when you outdoors, they could also cause various health problems that could lead to the fatal condition. They could bring various diseases like malaria, Zika and West Nile virus, which is the probably your potential worst enemy. However, chemical sprays could…

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Natural Ways to Enrich Kitchen Garden Soil

kitchen garden soil

Plants rely on enriched soil conditions that contain many different minerals and nutrients, and that is the reason why you should enrich the soil of your backyard garden every once a year. That could be because of several factors such as plants that have been grown before because some plants…

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Water Plants – Give Your Home A Fresh Look

Water plants are widely recognized and considered as the best way to enhance features of water. They are also called aquatic plants, and there are water plants for every type of water feature. They will suit your landscape and grow the character of each plant. We present you water plants…

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6 Ways of Making Your Home Green

A green home is one of the best ways of ensuring that you do your part in protecting the environment. Making your home environmental friendly can be done in a combined variety of easy steps that actually reduce costs and increase savings such as: Low Energy Consumption Steps such as…


Multiple Benefits of Home Gardening, Start Now

Home Gardening

Whether it is just a kitchen garden, flower garden or any other gardening you do at home, the advantages are plenty. In the end, you get more out of having a home garden than not having one at all. Some of the advantages include: Contributing to Green Living Home gardening…


Types of Sansevieria (Snake Plant) – Things You Need to Know

types of sansevieria

Though to some the appearance of the Sansevieria might not seem as enticing, they make a great ornamental low-maintenance house or office plants. The best thing about the Sansevieria plant, however, is the fact that you can choose from a variety of about 70 or so species as well as…


5 Easiest Fruit Plants to Grow Indoors

Due to personal preference or circumstance, you might need to grow fruits indoors. Perhaps it’s the winter or you have a small apartment without an outdoor garden or some other reason. Either way, the secret to growing indoor fruits is choosing the right kind of fruit and ensuring that the…

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Plants that Influence Positivity in a Home

When thinking about using plants for interior d├ęcor, one of the things that you have to consider is the energy that they radiate. Some plants just don’t work that well in an interior setting because they seem to give off a negative aura around the house. However, there are those…

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Air Purifier Indoor Plants that Clean Your Home Indoor Air

There are several toxic chemicals lurking in your home and it is quite tough to get rid of them. You need to take steps against these harmful chemicals as these are very harmful and cause serious health problems like cancer, asthma and allergy. These chemicals may include glues, caulks, paints,…