Natural Ways to Enrich Kitchen Garden Soil

kitchen garden soil

Plants rely on enriched soil conditions that contain many different minerals and nutrients, and that is the reason why you should enrich the soil of your backyard garden every once a year. That could be because of several factors such as plants that have been grown before because some plants will add quality to soil and others could drain all important nutrients. You can choose to improve your soil quality with chemical components that are efficient but in the long run, it will permanently damage your garden. The, best time to start is around fall so that your soil could be revitalized until the spring in the next seasons. That is the reason we decided to present you natural ways to enrich the soil of your backyard garden through everyday components that we are using.

  1. Egg Shells

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Egg Shells are filled with calcium, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous which is great for healthy enriching the soil. Calcium is important because it will help you build strong and healthy cell walls of a plant, and it is composed of calcium carbonate, and that is the main reason why you should use egg shells for enriching the soil because it will add these minerals. You just have to prep them by grinding in a mixer and later just put them into the soil. It will take several months until egg shells were to be absorbed by roots and it is recommended to tilt it into the soil around the fall. You can mix as many as you want because it won’t hurt plants.

Tomatoes love calcium and if you put them in order to enrich the soil, it will grow better and faster. At the end, we have to mention that egg shells reduce the acidity of the soil, which is the great way to aerate it.

  1. Kitchen Waste/Organic Compost

When you decide to use organic compost in order to revitalise your soil, it is better to do it in-ground. You just have to dig a hole and bury all compost and waste. All these composting could help your soil get revitalised without any pitchforks, piles, and bins. You just need to dig and put them into the ground. Compost holes are the great choice and there are certain moments where you have to do it, in order to make your soil effective again.

Even though kitchen waste is not the only material that you can use in order to enrich the soil, it is the most convenient and the easiest way to do it. Just toss kitchen scraps in the hole which must be no less than 8’’ and 18’’ deep. However, 12’’ is absolutely fine. When your yard is too small to add any other way and you don’t have that much sun, it is always better to dig compost holes and that will help you do it. It is affordable and great alternative to elaborate boxes and bins, however, you don’t need any additional equipment, just a shovel, and everything will be over soon.

  1. Vermi Compost

Vermi Composting is the process of enriching the soil by using worms in order to digest manures, organic inputs, and food waste. The natural digestive process of worms is perfect for adding additional nutrients in your compost and it reduces the length by 30% of compost time. It can be used as soil conditioner or fertiliser in order to stimulate the growth of plants for both large and small farming scales.

There are many benefits that make it the best option if you don’t want to use commercial and chemical compounds. It contains increased nutrient levels and micro-organisms that will enrich the soil in order to provide better aeration. When you add it, your soil will have better water retention which means that your plants will need less water consumption.

  1. Wasted Garden Leaves

Gardening means that you will have accumulated waste of weeds, leaves and grass from trimming and pruning, and most of these compounds are organic, so it is important to use it in order to fertilise soil. The practical side tells us that we don’t have to throw all these leaves away, because garden needs more nutrients from organic waste. Fall will help your composter the in backyard them to stockpile great amount of leaves for the composing, and you have to use it in order to get nutrients such as Carbon and many more minerals that will keep your soil perfect.

  1. Wood Ash

If you have a fireplace or wood stove, most people are throwing away all ashes. However, if you have a garden and soil that you want to enrich with organic material, you can use it as a natural cycle of soil fertility and it is better than throwing it away. Similar like leaves waste, wood ash doesn’t contain nitrogen, however, it will provide calcium, boron, potassium, phosphorus and many more elements and nutrients that your growing plant needs. It is alkaline and great for increasing pH in your backyard garden. It is quite affordable and way better than commercial and chemical soil enrichers that are not that good for the plant.

You just have to sprinkle as on the laws and apply it lightly with some watering, and you will notice how the grass will grow better and it will be great nectar for bees and therefore your garden will become richer and better.

  1. Rain Water

You have to understand that organic and natural fertilizer is rainwater, especially for water plants. You are probably asking yourself why this much-preferred water source than using the standard water is. First of all, rainwater is 100% soft, which means that is free from minerals, salts and other chemicals that could be found in groundwater, municipal water, and surface water. That means that rainwater will provide you pure hydration. There are many chemicals and salt that are the main part of the soil and if you add water that contains also, you can exaggerate and therefore your plant accumulation will be slower.

  1. Banana Peel

If you have a backyard garden and you want to enrich the soil, don’t throw away anything without thinking first. Most of the people are throwing away a very useful component that contains a great amount of potassium and in the same time, they are buying chemical soil enrichers that will only damage the soil after a while. Banana peels are perfect because they contain high potassium levels and a small amount of phosphorus, which means that it is perfect for plant growth. So you can start saving banana peels and add it slowly to the soil, and you will see the effect.

We have presented you natural ways to enrich the soil of your backyard garden, and the main reason why you should choose this alternative is its affordability and at the same time better effect than any other chemical fertilizer.

By Greenkosh