Lawn Care – Reasons & How to Get Rid of Yellow Spots of Grass

With the declining temperature and mild weather, everyone might look forward to spending time on the lawn. But the beautiful sight of the lawn is ruined by ugly, yellow patches of the lawn. Sometimes the green grasses of the lawn started to turn yellow or became tainted with yellow spots.

These patches indicate that some deficiencies may be present in the grasses of the lawn, such as using the wrong fertilizers, dehydration etc and after knowing about deficiency we can easily get rid of yellow spots on the grasses of the lawn.

Reasons for Discolouration of Lawn

These yellow patches on the lawn are because of several reasons such as fungal diseases as well as pest infestation like grub worms which are responsible for the discolouration of the grass and several other factors that we are going to study in detail;

Less Watering

Dehydration is one of the reasons for yellow spots on your lawn. In hot weather or having a lawn in an area completely exposed to the full sun can dehydrate the grass quickly and cause heat stress to the lawn which results in damage and discolouration of the lawn.

To get rid of yellow spots on grass water the turf more frequently and deeply in the early morning, it can also help in repairing damages and turn yellow grass into greens.

Overwatering the Grasses

Often watering the grasses on the lawn can cause overlogging, limiting the supply of oxygen and other nutrition to the soil and causing slow and poor development of roots. In the end, grasses have shallow roots and get affected because of poor uptake of oxygen, nutrition and even water itself, which results in the yellow grass.

By preventing over watering of plants, we can prevent yellow lawns and can make our lawn pretty.

Excess Nitrogen 

Dog urine and fertilizers are the cause of excess nitrogen in the soil. It is a necessary nutrient for a green and healthy lawn and it enhances the growth of green grasses on the lawn.

But as we all know that excess things are always harmful likewise excess nitrogen is also harmful to the grasses, it changes the pH of the soil and causes chemical burns to the roots of grasses and turns the lawn yellow.

To Get rid of yellow spots on grass is to prevent the excess nitrogen in the soil, properly check the water supply which reduces the accumulation of nitrogen and also use caution during the use of fertilizers.

If green grasses are already turned yellow then water the spot immediately to drain the spot and water regularly and put compost to replenish any lost minerals, which help in turning yellow grass to greens.

Fungal Diseases

There are a lot of diseases which can cause yellow spots on your lawn. Most fungal diseases are responsible for the discolouration of grasses which turn green lawns into yellow. Moisture level, temperature and thatch are responsible for the growth of fungus on your lawn. 

Some of the fungal diseases which are responsible for the discolouration of grasses are snow mould, fairy rings, smut and fusarium.

To Fix and prevent yellow lawns make sure that lawns are detached and aerated.  Make sure to water grasses in the morning so that moisture evaporates in the daytime.

Nutrition Deficiency 

It is also the reason for the discolouration of grasses on the lawn. The deficiency of nitrogen and iron can cause yellow spots on your lawn. Due to nitrogen deficiency, the lawn is turning yellow and will have stunted growth.

Iron deficiency shows its effect on younger grass blades and turns them yellow but it doesn’t usually cause stunted growth.

The deficiency of iron and nitrogen can be tested by the soil test. After identifying deficiency then treat the lawn with nutrient-specific plant food and fertilizers.

Effect of Pests

Some small insects feed on grass roots which cause the discolouration of grasses and can cause yellow spots on your lawn.

For checking upon pests on the lawn use pest-resistant or other insecticides. This can restrict the pest to feed on root and saves the plant from any damage also by reducing thatch, by doing proper irrigation and proper fertilization pest population can also be reduced.

Use of excess pesticides

Excess use of pesticides and herbicides can also affect grasses of lawns and can turn green grasses into yellow grass. To fix and prevent yellow lawns, use fewer herbicides and pesticides, and use organic methods to protect lawns from insects and pests.

Soil Compaction 

Due to frequent walking physical damage is caused to the lawn which results in soil compacting which causes close packing of soil particles and pores becoming too small.

This stops the growth of roots and stops them from spreading. Penetration of water and other nutrients also stops.

To stop soil Compaction aerate your lawn with a core aerator or rake. To prevent a yellow lawn install a walking step or stepping stone for avoiding heavy traffic.


Now we can conclude the reasons for the yellow lawn and the methods to get rid of yellow spots on your lawn, how to turn yellow grass to green? And how to get thicker grass. Here are some tips to bring back your beautiful lawn.

  • Improve drainage of lawn.
  • Make sure to test the soil at the proper time interval.
  • Control pests, lawn weeds and diseases.
  • Fertilize grass regularly and maintain soil nutrients.
  • Utilization of professional lawn care services.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What causes Yellow Grass?

There are lots of reasons that cause yellow grass, such as soil issues, changing of seasons, issues of insects and pests and some other reasons which cause yellow grass in your lawn.

Q2. What are the ways to restore Green Grass?

Some of the ways to restore green grasses are Proper irrigation, Proper fertilisation, management of lawn, Protection from diseases, pests etc.

Q3. Why is my grass turning Yellow?

Grass turns yellow in response to stress. Heat and drought put a lot of stress on the grass during the summer. Even warm climate grasses may turn yellow in response to this stress.

By Greenkosh